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Kool Fellas, Ltd.

Kool Fellas, Ltd.
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Signed by Dirk Behlau

„Dirk Behlau is back with another mind-blowing masterpiece!“ Jesse James (West Coast Choppers). Kool Fellas, Ltd. ist das dritte und neueste Hot Rod- und Kustom Kulture-Werk von Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau. Das stylische Coffee-Table-Buch fasziniert durch seine großartigen, stimmungsvollen und hochwertigen Fotografien, die in den USA & Europa entstanden sind. Kool Fellas Ltd. zeigt authentische Typen & Bräute, Hot Rods, Kustom Kulture, Pin-Ups, Custombikes, Tätowierer, Garagen, Pinstriper, Musiker und deren Universum - ein liebevoller Fotoband, der geradezu nach Staub und Benzin riecht. Vorwort von Jesse James (West Coast Choppers)

Ol´ Skool Rodz Magazine (USA)
Dirk Behlau is one of those rare photographers who is able to take photos of people you've never met and make them seem familiar, friends almost. His photographs of vehicles make you want to reach out and turn the key. His new book, Kool Fellas. Ltd., continues that pattern. It’s safe to say that Dirk is one of the top two or three kustom kulture photographers in Europe. He understands the subjects – hot rods, custom cars, stripped down motorcycles, pinup and burlesque girls - and the men and women who live the lifestyle every day. That is obvious from his photography. It is gritty and raw, like his subjects, never polished or pretentious. He’s not a photographer trying to figure something out. He has it figured out because this is his life, too. Dirk just relays what he sees from the inside. This book could be sub-titled “A Day in the Life of Dirk.” Shot in the USA as well as in Europe, Kool Fellas, Ltd. is a feast for the eyes, a great coffee table book for the casual observer or a pictorial textbook for the student of kustom kulture. Simply, slowly studying the photos will tell you much about this kulture. Except for the noise and the smell of oil and gasoline, it’s all there in the book.

Gebundene Ausgabe : 152 Seiten
ISBN-10 : 9783927896352
ISBN-13 : 978-3927896352
Größe und/oder Gewicht : 20.8 x 2 x 28.5 cm
Herausgeber : Brecht V.V.H. GmbH; 1., Auflage (31. Oktober 2010)
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